One mom from Canada has taken to Instagram to speak out against parents who jeopardize her daughter’s health by taking their own sick children to school.
“I can’t for the life of me understand why people would put others at risk “because they have so many things to do,” wrote Maria Jordan MacKeigan after a parent told her that she was too busy to look after her own sick child. Maria’s own daughter, Jordan Grace, has a particularly low immune system because of her Downs Syndrome, which means that even the slightest infection could result in serious illness. “This is not the babysitting club,” she wrote. “Your own child needs you to cuddle them, to love them, to care for them back to health. When Jordan Grace is sick, I think of her first…but I also think of others. I don’t want my child to go get others sick especially those who may end up in the hospital because their little bodies can’t fight the sickness off on their own.” Some people were quick to agree with Maria while others had opposing views.
“When my child gets the simple cold she may end up like this!”
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