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Aurum by Kemi Blending Magic, launched in 2016, deliciously combines all the elements to create a bold perfume that complements the modern woman. Sultry and seductive, this slightly masculine perfume opens with the an unforgettable burst of rose, lemon, bergamot and orange. The sweet and citrusy aroma ripens to exude the delectable notes of heliotrope, chocolate and strawberry mingled with patchouli.
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Kemi Luna is a fruity, powdery fragrance that captures the soft femininity of the moon. It opens with sweet, juicy mango along with black currant, lemon, green apple, tangerine, apricot and a waft of incense that pairs neatly with flickers of green and spicy notes. The heart brings in creamy leather along with rich cedar and a bouquet of rose, iris and jasmine.
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Take your senses to new heights with a spritz of Hayat by Kemi Blending Magic. Launched in 2014, this complex and exotic perfume has a composition that melds vibrant and rich fragrances to create something unique and other-worldly. It opens with crisp bitter orange that is slightly tamed with a touch of lavender and saffron.
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